GeiserMiser Installation Instructions

The GeiserMiser stops a problem that until now had little or no resolution; the uncontrolled waste of water from a damaged or missing sprinkler head. When properly installed, the GeiserMiser will stop these wasteful Geysers every time the sprinkler system zone turns on, and at the same time allows all remaining undamaged heads to water normally.

There are two basic installation scenarios; installation in a new system or the retrofitting of an existing system. In the first case, installation is extremely simple. The GeiserMiser has been designed with a NPT male thread on the input side so it simply threads into the supply line tee fitting and the sprinkler head and riser thread into the output end of the GeiserMiser. (Note: Orientation of the GeiserMiser is of no consequence to its operation. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or even upside down!) There are no special fittings or adapters required. Using extensions or adapters such as corrugated flexible tubing before or after the GeiserMiser may impair its function. If these type of devices are utilized it is recommended that the inner diameter of these devices be of the same diameter as the supply line feeding the sprinkler head and that no device exceed 6-inches in length.

If the GeiserMiser is being retrofitted into an existing system, the installer must locate each sprinkler head and dig a hole around the head deep enough to expose the tee fitting supplying the head. The head should then be removed, being careful not to allow dirt or debris to fall into the supply line. Once the head is removed, simply thread the GeiserMiser into the tee fitting, and trim the riser to allow the top of the head to be level with the grade of the lawn, thread the sprinkler head onto the riser and fill the hole up with the dirt that was removed.

In order to properly protect your system, one GeiserMiser should be installed between the supply line and each sprinkler head in the system. The GeiserMiser works on the principles of pressure and flow. If multiple heads in a single zone are damaged or missing at the same time, depending on the pressure and flow when the zone is activated, GeiserMiser may not stop the flow of water to all heads. More often than not, a single head becomes damaged, typically from being run over by lawn maintenance equipment, automobiles or pedestrians and sometimes just due to the age of the sprinkler head and its exposure to the elements. A single damaged or missing sprinkler head can waste up to 750 gallons of water per hour of operation.

Protect your landscaping investment and install the one and only GeiserMiser.