Q: What is the GeiserMiserô?
A: The GeiserMiser automatically stops the flow of water when a sprinkler head is damaged. It is like water insurance, protecting you from unknowingly wasting alot of water becasue of undiscovered damage in your sprinkler system.

Q: Why should I spend the money to install the GeiserMiser?
A: Running you sprinklers with a broken head can cause an amazing amount of water waste! Up to 750 gallons per hour of operation. Since clean water has become one of the more difficult natural resources to find, it is important that we all do our part to conserve this most precious resource. Installation of the GeiserMiser can also help to save you money. Besides having to pay for costly repairs to your landscape when your yard is flooded by improperly operating systems, many areas of the country have imposed fines to individuals and businesses that operate their sprinkler systems improperly, including operating the system with a broken head. There is probably no better signal to authorities than to witness the resultant 30-foot vertical stream of water from a broken head. And finally, in some cases automobile accidents have resulted from excessive water being spewed onto roadways resulting in litigation.

Q: How many GeiserMisers will I need to properly protect my sprinkler system?
A: The GeiserMiser protects your property from flood and erosion damage, conserves water and stops a long-standing problem. We recommend that one GeiserMiser be installed underneath each sprinkler head in your system, but many people prefer to install them in high-traffic areas and spots that are prone to damage.

Q: Can I just put one in for each zone?
A: It's possible to do this, but we recommend one GeiserMiser installed for each sprinkler. The GeiserMiser works best when paired up with a single head. This enables the remainder of a zone to continue working normally, even if one had has damage and is shut-off.

Q: Are they difficult to install?
A: The GeiserMiser is as easy to install as replacing a sprinkler head. Simply dig around the damaged head, unscrew the head, install the GeiserMiser, install a new riser cut to the proper length so that the sprinkler head will be flush with the lawn soil and replace the dirt.

Q: Who can install the GeiserMisers in my system?
A: You can do it yourself, they're easy to install! Also, any licensed irrigation professional or master plumber can install a GeiserMiser.

Q: What if I have the shortest head and the shortest riser and I am flush with the grade?
A: The GeiserMiser can be installed in a large variety of ways, making it among the most adaptable parts of your Sprinkler system. The GeiserMiser works perfectly with swing-joints, flexible pipe, all standard T-fittings and elbows, and can even be installed horizontally to overcome this mild problem.

Q: Does the GeiserMiser restrict the flow of water in the sprinkler system in any way?
A: No. The GeiserMiser does not restrict flow and has no negative impact on normal sprinkler operation, unless there is a damaged head of course:)

Q: Does the device regulate pressure?
A: No. The GeiserMiser is a Flow Regulating Device, it does not regulate or manage pressure. A properly installed sprinkler system should have pressure regulation built in or the sprinkler heads will not operate properly. However, by shutting off water to damaged sprinklers, the GeiserMiser does ensure that normal zone pressure is preserved for all good and undamaged sprinklers.

Q: Is the GeiserMiser gray-water and non-potable compatible?
A: Yes. All components that the GeiserMiser uses were specialle selected for their chemical and corrosion resistance. The GeiserMiser works perfectly in any type of water.

Q: Is the GeiserMiser durable?
A: Yes. The GeiserMiser has been pressure tested for 550 PSI, far exceeding all other components of a typical sprinkler system. It will easily outlive virtually all other sprinkler system components.

Q: How will I know if a sprinkler head breaks?
A: If you don’t check the system on a regular basis for proper operation, you should notice that the area normally served by the broken head looks drier that the rest of the areas.

Q: Where is the GeiserMiser made?
A: The GeiserMiser is made in the USA, currently in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.