INSTANTLY shut off water to damaged heads

Video: How the GeiserMiser works.

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How Does the GeiserMiser Work?

How Much Water Does a Small Leak Waste?

  • A 1/2" sprinkler pipe can flow 13 to 16 Gallons per Minute (GPM) when a sprinkler breaks.
  • And if left unrepaired, will waste about 7800 Gallons in just a month of typical watering cycles.


Automatically shuts off water to damaged sprinklers. 

The GeiserMiser self-monitors water flow, and automatically activates when flow exceeds 6 GPM.

  • Automatically Shuts Off water if a sprinkler is damaged or broken, every time.
  • Auto resets at end of each zone cycle.
  • Conserves thousands of gallons every year
  • Eliminates risk of water fines
  • Eliminates expensive water erosion that can occur.
  • 100% compatible with new and existing sprinkler systems.
  • Extremely durable, No maintenance
  • 5 year warranty, but life expectancy is virtually forever...  It will outlast the system it's in!
  • Enables damaged sprinklers to be replaced WHILE SYSTEM IS WATERING!